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National Plumbing Course

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Pre Trade Preparation Course

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Advanced Electrical Course

Advanced Electrical Course

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Solar Power Course

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Welcome to PCD College

PCD College is a plumbing school where you will become the best plumber in the shortest time. Both nationally and internationally.

We have different plumbing courses available depending on your current background in plumbing. Whether you are a novice or a trained plumber ready for your trade test.

PCD college was founded in 2003. We realized there was a real shortage of Qualified Plumbers. We, therefore, put together a plumbing college and now offer training courses to fit any individual’s needs.

A wide selection of courses to choose from

Accommodation of the highest quality, including meals

Shuttle services to and from accommodation

Weekly intakes for new courses

Life skills training

Career Possibilities

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    Plumbing Accredited Training

    Are you interested in starting a career in plumbing?

    PCD College will prepare you to become the best you can be.

    Our plumbing courses are designed to give you all the information you need in the shortest space of time, allowing you to quickly gain the right expertise before getting into the field.

    Our basic plumbing courses cover all of the SABS standards when it comes to plumbing, as well as cover numerous theoretical introductions for plumbing basics.

    PCD College was founded back in 2003 after we assessed the current market and found that there was a real shortage of qualified plumbers.

    This problem needed to be addressed to ensure that people around South Africa have access to plumbers that are equipped to do the job, while also offering aspiring plumbers the opportunity to back their ability with a proper qualification.

    Our courses are designed to fit all interests within the industry, as well as to cater to various backgrounds in plumbing – whether you are just starting out, or are a trained plumber preparing for your trade test.

    We are accredited by Construction Ceta, ensuring that your qualification is backed by reputable establishments.

    We can also cater to students that may be traveling from various parts of South Africa, as we offer high-quality accommodation for students along with meals.

    Weekly intakes are done so you can start the course whenever you would like, while our students also gain access to shuttle services and life skills training. Once you have completed your studies, we will do our best to provide you with career opportunities.

    If you would like to find out more about the various courses on offer at PCD College, contact us today and a consultant will gladly provide you with more information along with the pricing on our courses.

    Please visit our SA Electrical Trade School