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National Plumbing Course

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Pre Trade Preparation Course

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Advanced Electrical Course

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Solar Power Course

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Welcome to PCD College

Unlock Your Plumbing Potential at PCD College – Your Pathway to Excellence!

Since 2003, PCD College has been a leading plumbing school committed to molding skilled and proficient plumbers on a global scale. In response to the urgent demand for qualified plumbing professionals, we took on the challenge and established a specialized institution dedicated to providing unparalleled plumbing education.

At PCD College, we recognize that each individual embarks on a distinctive plumbing journey. Whether you’re a plumbing novice venturing into the field or an experienced professional preparing for your trade test, our meticulously crafted plumbing courses are designed to cater to your unique needs.

Ready to elevate your plumbing skills and expertise? Join PCD College today and take the first step towards your gateway to excellence in plumbing! Browse the website to explore our tailored courses and embark on your journey to becoming a top-tier plumber.

A wide selection of courses to choose from

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    Are you interested in starting a career in plumbing?

    PCD College will prepare you to become the best you can be.

    Welcome to PCD College, your unrivaled choice for plumbing excellence! Our meticulously crafted plumbing courses are geared towards expediting your journey to expertise, ensuring you acquire essential skills efficiently for success in the plumbing field.

    At PCD College, we prioritize your success by delivering comprehensive knowledge in an expedited manner. Our basic plumbing courses are thoughtfully designed to cover all SABS standards, providing you with a robust theoretical foundation for plumbing basics. This not only ensures that you meet industry standards but also guarantees a deep understanding of fundamental principles.

    Established in 2003, PCD College was founded to address the acute shortage of qualified plumbers in the market. We are committed to bridging this gap, not only providing South Africa with access to skilled plumbers but also offering aspiring individuals the opportunity to validate their abilities through recognized qualifications.

    Choose PCD College as your pathway to plumbing excellence and seize the opportunity to propel your career forward. Join us today to experience unparalleled training that sets you on the fast track to success in the dynamic world of plumbing! Enroll now and take the first step towards a thriving career in plumbing.

    Dive into our diverse range of courses crafted to cater to all interests within the plumbing industry, accommodating both newcomers and seasoned professionals preparing for trade tests. As an accredited institution by Construction Ceta, your qualification is not just recognized but endorsed by reputable establishments, setting you on a path to excellence.

    For students journeying from different parts of South Africa, our commitment to excellence extends to high-quality accommodation and meals. With weekly intakes, you have the freedom to kickstart your course at your convenience. Experience a seamless learning journey with our support services, including shuttle services and life skills training, enhancing your overall educational experience.

    Upon completing your studies at PCD College, expect doors to promising career opportunities to swing wide open. If you’re eager to explore the wealth of courses we offer, contact us today. Our dedicated consultants are poised to provide you with comprehensive information, including pricing details. Join PCD College now and take the crucial first step toward a rewarding and successful career in plumbing!

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