Advanced Electrical Course

Course Fees

6 Week Course : R 19 500
Accommodation R12 000.00 incl. 3 meals and laundry once a week per student. 

The Advanced Electrical Course is 6 weeks from 08:00-16:00 daily. 

You will perform a series of Electrical works under the supervision of our highly trained and competent Assessors. 

This course enables you to perform tasks an Electrician needs to in general. 

This course does not make you a qualified electrician. 

This is a full time course daily Monday – Thursday from 8:00 – 16:00 Friday 08:00 – 12:00 

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    Some of the Areas addressed in the course

    • Instructions are interpreted according to work site procedures 
    • Symbols used conform to ISO and IEC standards
    • The function of each component is understood and described correctly
    • Circuit diagrams are sketched neatly and symmetrically according to instructions. 
    • Circuit diagrams are functional according to instructions. 
    • Construct single-phase circuits. 
    • Relevant components are obtained according to diagram. 
    • Components are suitably and correctly connected according to diagram. 
    • Circuit is correctly connected to the power supply according to statutory requirements. 
    • Operation of the circuit is correct according to instructions. 
    • The reason for using overload protection is correctly stated. 
    • Complete task. 
    • Work area is cleaned in accordance with house keeping standards. 
    • Ensure that tools are stored in their correct place in a accordance with work place practices and manufacturers specifications. 
    • Waste materials are disposed of according to work site procedures and statutory requirements and environmental standards. 
    • Documentation is completed in detail and submitted to meet work site standards and procedures 
    • Plan to wire and commission domestic or commercial circuits. 
    • Job instruction is interpreted and a sequence of operation is determined. 
    • Applicable electrical drawings are correctly interpreted and selected to meet job requirements. 
    • Equipment and personal protective equipment is selected, inspected and checked for functionality and safety prior to commencement. 

    Course Dates

    Starts the 11th of January 2021 and thereafter every Monday throughout the year.