Advanced Plumbing Course

Course Fees:

R20 500 Course Fee (Course only)From 08:00 to approximately 16:00 Monday to Thursday and Friday 08:00 to 12:00.

Accommodation is available @ R12 600.00 inclusive of 3 meals and Laundry once a week per student.

Advanced Plumbing Course information

  • You will perform a series of plumbing works under the supervision of our highly trained and competent Assessors.
  • This course enables you to perform all tasks a plumber need to in general.
  • This course does not make you a qualified plumber.
  • This course can be broken up into sections if you cannot be at the College full time – in this case the days you do attend are counted to the value of six weeks.
  • To do this course you must be 16 or older and able to read and write English.

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    Areas addressed in the course(can change if there are industry changes)

    • Interpret basic building drawings 
    • Mark out and cut sheet metal
    • Fit GMS gutters and rain water pipes
    • Fabricate and fit GMS VP flashing
    • Fabricate and fit GMS chimney flashing
    • Fabricate a box gutter with stop end, circular outlet and abutment flashing 
    • Gas weld and braze basic components 
    • Cut, thread and assemble GMS pipe-work 
    • Repairs and alterations to existing GMS pipe-work 
    • Install a push-through geyser 
    • Install a high pressure geyser 
    • Repair to and maintenance of taps and valves 
    • Repair to HP mains 
    • Recognition and installation of soil and waste systems
    • Install a sink
    • Install a washbasin
    • Install a bath
    • Install a bidet
    • Install a shower
    • Install a WC (Pedestal) 
    • Install a urinal (wall Hung) 
    • Recognition of below-ground drainage system 
    • Set out and determine levels 
    • Install a below-ground drainage system 
    • Build a manhole to benching height (brick) ) 
    • Build a manhole to benching height (concrete ring) 
    • New techniques and methods are added throughout 

    Course Dates

    Advanced Plumbing starts every Monday at 08:00