Plumbing training upskilled through PCD College will set you on the effective path towards a successful career in the plumbing industry. As a well-recognized institute that has been operating since 2003, PCD College has provided an opportunity for many aspiring plumbers around South Africa to break into and embrace a full understanding of the industry.

Our basic plumbing courses cover a wide spread of general plumbing needs, everything from pipe laying to geyser installation and maintenance, with a range of courses that will cater to every plumbing career direction – from complete novices, to trained plumbers preparing for their trade tests, we allow you to fully hone your abilities in an educational environment.

As an education provider, we look to provide our students with the chance to gain the relevant expertise in the shortest space of time, so that they can fulfill their dreams of becoming their own boss and earning a decent living. Showing them the doorway to the plumbing world, we offer invaluable knowledge and insight into the industry. With a model that allows for a focus on real world experience, there is no time wasted on unneeded information and practice, we train them for what they need to know to be successful.

Not only do we provide high quality courses to our students, but we also educate them in relevant life skills training to help each individual make the right decisions along the way – while also properly preparing you for starting a career as soon as possible, after earning your qualification. Our college was founded after assessing the current South African plumbing landscape, and it quickly became evident that there was a real lack of qualified plumbers. Without the proper training and insight, there can be flaws in your capabilities as a plumber. In this right, skills are needed to be developed as to produce the best, most technical plumbers around.

We also provide international plumbing training, as we are the first and only college in South Africa that is accredited by City & Guilds. These plumbing and construction qualifications are accepted in 87 countries around the world, which means that you have endless opportunities to explore the planet while earning a good salary.

PCD College accepts students from all over South Africa, with accommodation available to our students, along with meals. We can also provide shuttle services, while weekly intakes are done.

If you would like more information on any of the plumbing training courses on offer at PCD College, feel free to contact one of our friendly consultants today. They will gladly provide you with advice on which courses best suit your needs, as well as provide pricing and other relevant details.

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    Courses We Offer

    Basic Plumbing Course (Theory)

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    Advanced Plumbing Course

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    Basic Electrical Course

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    Advanced Electrical Course

    Advanced Electrical Course

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