Plumbing Courses

We have recently added two exciting curriculums to our training selection. Namely a Solar Water Heating Course and a Heat Pump Course. Ensuring that our students can access all the latest and greatest, relevant industry information. Keeping up to date with external trends. The Solar Water Heating Course includes Low Pressure and High-Pressure Systems, Flatbed, EVT tubes, and Photo Volcanic systems.

Our plumbing courses cover the accepted SABS standards on plumbing and theoretical introductions to plumbing. Covering sanitary ware, cold water systems, hot water systems, geysers, heat pumps, drainage systems, and a complete understanding of the plumbing field and surrounding specialties. We also offer an advanced practical plumbing course that in addition to the basic plumbing course also covers sheet metal, copper bending as well as all the latest changes and newest products to hit the market.

The Heat Pump training includes the installation of systems as well as the actual implementation and installation of the heat pump, and the operation of the heat pump itself. The current regulations of section 28 of the trade test that has to be passed to become a qualified plumber include 4 years in the field, practically working as a plumber in the day-to-day trade.

PCD also has a pre-trade preparation course within which we prepare the candidates. Providing the necessary plumbing experience and skills to pass their upcoming trade test. Areas we focus on when preparing are sheet metal, copper bending, and the times available to finish tasks given.

On top of all previously mentioned plumbing courses, we also offer International Plumbing Training to our student base. We are the first and only college in South Africa with accreditation to offer these international qualifications in plumbing and construction. These include level 2, level 3, and a 2-year full-time Diploma in Plumbing, accepted in 87 countries around the world – Get yourself involved in a career before it’s too late, based on a solid education and skill development.

  • Starts on the 11th of January 2021 and thereafter every Monday throughout the year.
  • National 3 year course


No Experience required, previous plumbing experience will be an advantage.

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    Plumbing Courses Dates: 2022


    Basic Plumbing

    17 Jan – 26 Jan 2022
    21 Feb – 02 March 2022
    28 March – 06 April 2022
    23 May – 1 June 2022
    18 July – 27 July 2022
    26 Sept – 05 Oct 2022
    21 Nov – 30 Nov 2022


    Solar Water Heating & Heat Pumps

    27 Jan – 01 Feb 2022
    03 March – 08 March 2022
    07 April – 12 April 2022
    02 June – 07 June 2022
    28 July – 02 August 2022
    06 Oct – 11 Oct 2022
    01 Dec – 06 Dec 2022


    Basic Electrical Course

    24 Jan – 02 Feb 2022
    7 March – 16 March 2022
    3 May – 12 May 2022
    04 July – 13 July 2022
    22 Aug – 31 Aug 2022
    17 Oct – 26 Oct 2022
    28 Nov – 07 Dec 2022

    Courses We Offer

    Basic Plumbing Course (Theory)

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    Advanced Plumbing Course

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    Basic Electrical Course

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    Advanced Electrical Course

    Advanced Electrical Course

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