Solar Power Course

The Solar Water Heating and Heat Pumps Course is a 4 day Theoretical and Practical course 

You will perform a series of Solar and Heat pump works under the supervision of our highly trained and competent Assessors. 

This course enables you to perform all tasks a plumber needs to install and maintain solar water heating systems and Heat pumps in general. 

This course does not make you a qualified plumber. 

To do this course you must have at least 1 years plumbing experience or have done the Basic plumbing course prior 


R 3 500 Course Fee (Course Only)
R 1 600 (Accommodation +3 meals included)

The Following Areas are addressed in the course 

  • • Understand solar energy as a source of heat. 
  • • Solar energy and its uses in domestic water heating are explained. 
  • • The basics of solar water heating and its applications are described. 
  • • Conventional water heating and the differences to solar water heating are described. 
  • The benefits and risks associated with solar water heating are explained. 
  • • The types of solar water heaters are listed and described. 
  • • Prepare and plan for the installation of solar water heating systems. 
  • Cold and hot water pipe systems used in solar water heating are identified and selected according to purpose required. 
  • • Solar heating components are identified and selected according to drawings and specification requirements. 
  • • Solar heating systems and reticulation are sized according to project requirements. 
  • The location, orientation and positioning of solar heating components are described according to roof structural capabilities, maximisation of energy source, and proximity to water supply. 
  • • The effects of harsh climatic conditions are described and adaptations are identified. 
  • • The effects of water quality on solar water heaters are described. 
  • • The uses and applications of solar heating components are described. 
  • • Install solar water heating components, pipes and fittings. 
  • • Solar heating components are assembled using pipefittings. 
  • • Solar heating systems are installed for a variety of roof types. 
  • Heat transfer fluids are used to fill solar collectors and cylinder heat exchange jackets according to manufacturers’ specifications. 
  • Solar water heating systems are pressure tested according to specifications. 
  • Solar water heating systems are started-up and commissioned according to established procedures, and handed-over. 
  • • Electrical connections are made according to specification. 
  • Maintain solar water heating components, pipes and fittings. 
  • • Solar heating systems faults are identified and their causes explained. 
  • Solar heating faults are repaired in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and industry codes of practice. 
  • • Defective components are identified and replaced. 
  • Solar heating systems are inspected and tested in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and industry codes of practice. 
  • • Solar heating systems are maintained in accordance with warranty conditions and industry codes of practice. 

Course Dates

  • • 28 Jan – 02 Feb 2021 
  • • 04 March – 09 March 2021 
  • • 22 April – 28 April 2020 
  • • 03 June – 08 June 2021 
  • • 29 July – 03 August 2021 
  • • 07 Oct – 12 Oct 2021 
  • • 25 Nov – 30 Nov 2021 

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    Our plumbing courses cover the accepted SABS standards on plumbing and theoretical introductions to plumbing, covering sanitary ware, cold water systems, hot water systems, geysers, heat pumps, drainage systems and a complete understanding of the plumbing field and surrounding specialties. We also offer an advanced practical plumbing course that in addition to the basic plumbing course also covers sheet metal, copper bending as well as all the latest changes and newest products to hit the market.

    We have recently added two exciting curriculums to our training selection, namely a Solar Water Heating Course and a Heat Pump Course. Ensuring that our students can access all the latest and greatest, relevant industry information, keeping up to date with external trends. The Solar Water Heating Course includes Low Pressure and High Pressure Systems, Flatbed, EVT tubes as well as Photo Volcanic systems.

    The Heat Pump training includes the installation of systems as well as the actual implementation and installation of the heat pump, and the operation of the heat pump itself. The current regulations of section 28 of the trade test that has to be passed to become a qualified plumber includes 4 years in the field, practically working as a plumber in the day to day trade.